A downloadable game for Windows and Android

A chaotically cathartic runner where slapping is necessary for your own sanity !

Take the role of a buffed train operator as he goes on a rampage to stop these damned passengers who don't want to let the damn doors close  !

RUN in an endless train, SLAP some deviants, DODGE obstacles and COLLECT some tickets to unlock some sweet rewards ! But keep yourself from smacking inspectors !! Spare your staff ! That is, unless you would want to see the train diversify itself with the compromise of making the game harder... But you wouldn't want that... would you ?

Thanks to Leon Riskin for the music of our game !

Install instructions

For Android, open the .apk file once it is downloaded on your phone. Installation should then happen automatically.

For PC, once you've retrieved the .zip file, unzip the file to any location on your computer. Then open the unzipped file and double click the .exe app to launch the program.

Have fun !


SlapExpress_UserTest.apk 86 MB
SlapExpress_Build_Goldv0.2.apk 120 MB
SlapExpress(v0.2.1).zip 81 MB


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ahha funny

Thank you for playing our game ^^